my family

Now, I'll tell you about my beautiful family!
My mothers name is Jessica and her last name is Berggren. She is 37 years old. This year she turns 38 July 29. She likes to drive a snowmobile, train, have a nice home, cook also more.. She has worked at the Vera, but she changed. So now she work at Team Sportia! (:
It's quite new for her, but she sure think it is fun! :) Sometimes my mother is very angry but some other times she can be very nice. She is a wonderful mother!
My father name is Lars and his last name is Isaksson. My mother and father is not married, therefore called them not the same last name! He is 36 and his birthday february 22. So this year he turns 37. Haha, my mother is older and my father! ;) He also likes to drive a snowmobile, train and music he likes very much. The music he listen at, i dont like. It's old, bad music. My father drive truck at his work. P&S AB, or something like that is called the work! My father is very angry sometimes. He teases up quickly on things! ;) But he is a beautiful father.

My brother name is Linus and her last name is Isaksson to. He is 14 year and go at school. April 13 he fills 15 years. My brother is very interested at slalom, snowmobile and stuff. This weekend he is to Gävle and compete in the slalom. I hope he comes forward to more races! :) I think my brother is brutally annoying, stupid, weird and more. But sometimes he can be helpful, kind, but still annoying! ;) I love my brother when he is nice, but when he is stupid and it i just hate him!

detta ↑ skrev jag i veckan om min familj. har säkert nå stavfel någonstans, men ork it ändra det. har ändå redan skickat det till stina! ;p

Postat av: Sam

den var ju jätte bra maja!11

2011-02-15 @ 20:24:21

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